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Geriatric and Pediatric Therapy

People have different health care needs at different stages of their life. Children and the elderly have some of the most specialized needs, in part because they are some of the most vulnerable populations.

Western States Home Health Care Agency, Inc., offers in-home geriatric or pediatric therapy for those in need, including occupational and physical therapists, home health aides, speech-language pathologists, and other medical professionals.

Geriatric Therapy

As people age, certain age-related conditions become more common, due to lifestyle, genetic, environmental, or natural factors. These can include:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Arthritis
  • Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease
  • Hearing loss
  • Cognitive decline

These and other ailments can be treated with the help of a compassionate, dedicated medical support team. Physical and occupational therapists can help the elderly adapt to pain or other impairment, and even recover some lost mobility. For individuals suffering from mental decline, regular visits with friends, family, and medical professionals can give them a sense of routine and help them stay sharp and focused.

Pediatric Therapy

Children are some of the most difficult therapy patients because they may not understand why they are in therapy and may have difficulty staying focused and following directions. Nevertheless, pediatric therapists are trained in the best ways to help children, bonding with them, and turning therapy into a game.

The process of learning a language is complex, and many children develop speech defects, such as lisps, stuttering, and difficulty pronouncing certain sounds. It is best to correct speech defects early in life so they become ingrained into a person’s speech habits. Therefore, many children benefit from the help of speech-language pathologists, who patiently work with them to develop vocal skills, which are crucial to cognition and learning social skills.

Children with physical impairments also require a different approach than adults or the elderly, since, for some children, the physical impairment is all that they’ve known. Children need encouragement and to see that their hard work is having an effect, all part of an effective approach by a pediatric therapist.

Contact Western States Home Health Care, Inc., for specialized services relating to children and the elderly. We serve the entire Los Angeles metro area and surrounding regions, including Orange County.

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