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Orthopedics is the branch of medicine concerned with injuries, conditions, and defects of the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system includes all the bones and muscles in your body, as well as joints, tendons and ligaments: everything that is required to physically move your body.

There are countless orthopedic surgery procedures, including the repair of broken bones, knitting together torn tendons and ligaments, and correction of birth defects. Most of them require a significant post-surgery recovery period, where the patient is often at home.

Western States Home Health Care Agency, Inc., provides home health care for those suffering from orthopedic issues, as well as those recovering from surgery. Pain management specialists and physical therapists help you recover as much pain-free mobility as possible.

Pain Management

Orthopedic issues are among the most painful injuries and ailments a person can experience, as anyone can attest who has broken a bone or torn a ligament. The spinal cord is one of the most complex bone structures in your body, and damage to it can severely impact the nervous system, which is how we sense pain.

Fortunately, there are many ways to manage acute and chronic pain. Medication is always available, but some of the most thorough and effective treatments involve exercise and physical therapy. Exercise is one of the best methods to prevent pain later in life, as it strengthens your muscles and bones, making them less likely to break or tear.

Physical Therapists

Those recovering from orthopedic surgery almost always see a physical therapist to retrain them in the use of the injured body part. Physical therapists can teach you repeated movements and exercises to help you heal, recover functionality, and prevent future injury.

They can also give you suggestions for general health and wellness, including diets and exercise plans to maximize your physical fitness. One important component of fitness is knowing how not to overexert yourself, as overzealous exercising can lead to many orthopedic problems.

Contact Western States Home Health Care Agency, Inc., if you need in-home orthopedic care in the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, or the Los Angeles metro area.

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